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Day Trips From Estoril

Estoril is a stylish beach resort that is located along the beautiful Lisbon coastline. Estoril is a trendy beach town boasting great facilities, glorious beaches and championship grade golf courses. The other major advantage of a holiday to the region is that there are many enjoyable day trips, all easily accessible from Estoril. This guide will provide a brief summary of the popular day trips from Estoril and provide details to further in-depth information.

Day trips from Estoril to Lisbon

Lisbon is the capital of Portugal and makes for a wonderful tourist destination and no visit to Estoril is complete without spending a couple of days discovering and explore the ancient capital. Lisbon offers numerous tourist attractions, fine dining and lively nightlife - there is simply nothing not love to about Lisbon.

Cascais beaches

The stunning Praça do Comércio in Lisbon

Historic Lisbon is centred around the Baixa and Alfama districts which contain the castle and fortified cathedral, while ultra-modern Lisbon is focused around the Parque of Nations neighbourhood. The entire city is connected by a quaint tram network which makes Lisbon easy to explore as a day trip from Estoril.

Lisbon and Estoril are connected by a direct and inexpensive railway and it takes less than 25 minutes to be in the centre of Lisbon. These are enough sights and activities in Lisbon to spend three full days exploring the city and to read a three day itinerary please click here.

Day trip from Estoril to Cascais

Cascais is the next resort town west from Estoril and is based around a charming historic centre. Cascais was a minor fishing port but found favour with the 19th century European aristocracy who flocked to the beaches and decadent lifestyle. This gave rise to the nickname of the Cascais “the town of Kings and Fishermen”.

Cascais beaches

The beach front of traditional Cascais

Today Cascais retains this class with beaches overlooked by stately houses and meretriciously maintained parks and plazas. Cascais makes for an enjoyable day trip from Estoril with a selection of free museums, opulent houses and a traditional charm not found in stylish Estoril. Cascais can be easily travelled to from Estoril by following the coastal promenade (30min walk) or by train (10 minutes). Click here for a guide to Cascais.

Day trip from Estoril to Sintra

Sintra is set amidst the cooling pine covered hills of Serra de Sintra and this pretty town was a favourite with the Portuguese nobility. Located in the town is the medieval National Palace while in the hills above Sintra is the flamboyant Pena Palace and the partially restored ruin of the Moors castle. The Sintra hills are idea for hiking in while for the less adventurous a tourist bus connects all of the sights of town.

Sintra is the most popular day trip from Lisbon and visitors from Estoril can travel to Sintra via a direct bus service. Typically visitors spend one day in Sintra but there are enough sights for a second day. For an in-depth guide to Sintra please click here or for more information about the Estoril - Sintra bus please click here.

Pena Palace in Sintra

The beautiful Pena Palace

Day trips from Estoril to Belém

Belém is a delightful district of Lisbon and tourists based in Estoril should visit Belém independently of central Lisbon. Belém was the historic location for the capital’s harbours and docks but was transformed by the wealth that flooded back from the trade with the Portuguese colonies.

Lisbon suspension bridge

The Lisbon suspension bridge on the edge of the Belém district

Today the district contains some of the capital’s most iconic monuments and the area is a pleasure to explore with wide open parks that open up onto the banks of the River Tagus. Belém should be visited independently from Lisbon as the Estoril-Lisbon railway passes through the district. A typical visit to Belém takes half a day but there are sufficient sights to fill a full day. To read further about Belém please click here.

Beaches of the Lisbon Coast

Two of the region’s best beaches are easily accessible from Estoril as day trips. Carcavelos beach is the most popular of the Lisbon coastline and provides a massive beach of soft sand, safe and clean waters with great tourist facilities. Carcavelos beach has medium size waves suitable for body boarding and is also perfectly suited for families.

Cascais beaches

The golden sands of the Cascais, Estoril and Lisbon coastline

Guincho beach faces the Atlantic Ocean and is a favourite for surfing and body boarding with massive swells that are regarded as some of the finest in Portugal. The beach setting is stunning, in a wild and rugged landscape part of the Serra de Sintra National Park. The almost constant wind makes the beach unsuitable for families or tourist who simply want to top up their tan.

Day Trip to Cabo da Roca

The Cabo da Roca headland is the most westerly point of Europe and was regarded as the end of the known world up until the 14th century. This barren wind blasted landscape of massive cliffs and raging seas makes for a good excursion from Estoril. Nature is the main attraction of Cabo da Roca with 150m high cliffs, highly folder cliff formations and great hiking trails.

Cabo da Roca cliffs

The Cabo da Roca coastline of massive cliffs

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