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Estoril Portugal Guide

Estoril is a stylish Portuguese beach resort that is located on the beautiful coastline west of Lisbon. Estoril is an exclusive and fashionable holiday destination that boasts fine restaurants, exclusive hotels and the largest casino on the Iberian Peninsula. Found within the Estoril region are glorious sandy beaches, championship grade golf courses and fascinating day trips. Estoril is the ideal destination for tourists who want more than just a great beach for their holiday. This guide will provide an introduction to Estoril and links to further in-depth information.

Highlights of Estoril

The huge Estoril Casino, with its nightly shows, fabulous restaurants and of course slot machines!

Estoril Casino

The grounds of the Estoril Casino

The great sandy beaches of Estoril, with calm, crystal clear waters ideal for families.

Praia do Tamariz  Estoril

The Praia do Tamariz beach infront of Estoril

The coastal promenade from Estoril to Cascais which passes sandy beaches, grand buildings and numerous beach bars.

promenade walk Estoril

The promenade walk along the coastline

Why have a holiday to Estoril?

Estoril is a fantastic holiday destination as it provides beautiful beaches, enjoyable day trips and wonderful tourist facilities. The beaches of Estoril are simply stunning; within walking distance of the town are glorious sandy beaches, while to the north are impressive surfing beaches. There are great day trips from Estoril and it is only a short train ride to Lisbon or bus journey to the pretty town of Sintra and the hills of the Serra de Sintra National Park. There is a lot to see and do within the Estoril region, for a suggested itinerary for a 1-week holiday to Estoril please click here.

Estoril park

Estoril and Cascais have a buzzing (lively) atmosphere in the evenings; with delicious food served in the varied restaurants, entertaining shows in the Casino and late night bars and clubs that continue until the sun rises. Portugal offers tourists exceptional value for money and Estoril is no exception, with a high standard of hotels, inexpensive meals and reasonable prices entrance fees. Estoril has a good selection of hotels suitable for all tourist preferences and for a guide to the best accommodation in Estoril please click here.

Where does Estoril’s Glamorous Reputation orginate from?

Estoril has had a long association with Europe’s elite and famous, with many attracted by the glamour of the grand casino. During the Second World War the Casino was a haven for spies, secrete negotiations and scandals, which were the inspiration for Ian Fleming's first book James bond, Casino Royale. The reputation of Estoril was enhanced when the casino was centre piece for the 1970s James Bond movie On Her Majesty's Secret Service. Today Estoril still retains a prosperous and exclusivity atmosphere but has matured into a family friendly holiday destination.

The Beaches of Estoril Portugal

Estoril is situated on a coastline of golden sands and clean, calm sea waters that are perfectly suited for families. For the more adventurous the beaches to the north are ideal for surfing and provide massive swells and powerful waves as they face the might of the Atlantic Ocean. The wild and rugged Praia do Guincho beach is considered the best surfing beach in the region and is just a 10-minute drive from Estoril.

beach Carcavelos

Carcavelos beach is vast and great for surfing

To the east of Estoril is a coastline filled large sandy beaches that are popular with the residents of Lisbon. The best beaches of this coastline are the Praia de Carcavelos and the Praia de São Pedro, and both are connected to Estoril by the regional railway. For a full guide to the best beaches of the Estoril-Lisbon coastline, please click here.

Day trips from Estoril Portugal

There are many enjoyable day trips from Estoril and the town can make for a fantastic base from which to explore the surrounding region. Just a short train journey to the east is Lisbon, the vibrant capital of Portugal, with its numerous historic monuments, world class museums and buzzing nightlife. To the north of Estoril are the stunning hills of the Serra de Sintra and the pretty town of Sintra, which is considered the best day trip from Lisbon (and Estoril).

promenade walk Estoril

Beautiful Sintra is a popular day trip

Cascais is a charming fishing town that has a pretty historic centre and is within walking distance of Estoril. Estoril is famed for its world class golf courses, all are within easy reach of Estoril. There is a lot to see and do in the Estoril region and this is why it makes for such a great holiday destination. For a full guide to the best day trips and excursions from Estoril please click here.

Who should Visit Estoril?

Estoril is an exclusive resort town that offers fine restaurants, trendy bars and upmarket hotels. It is a prosperous town that is firmly designed for mature couples and families and does not cater for groups who are just wanting cheap drink. Portugal is a family friendly country and children will be welcomed in all hotels and restaurants. The beaches close to Estoril are safe for children and are supervised by lifeguards during the summer. For a guide about Lisbon for children, including suitable activities please click here.

lido estoril

The Lido (sea swimming pool) of Estoril

When to Visit Estoril?

Estoril and the Lisbon region have long hot summers, pleasant spring and autumn seasons, and winters which are mild but possibly wet. The weather in central Portugal is suitable for spending time on the beach from mid-May until the end of September. The sea temperature of Estoril is always cold, even in the summer when the water temperature only reaches a chilly 18C.

Weather Estoril

The Average Weather of Estoril Portugal

The best time of year to visit Estoril is during the spring or early summer months. The weather at this time of the year is pleasantly warm and the region does not feel overrun with tourists. The first two weeks of June are the Popular Saint celebrations and are a great time to visit Portugal, towns will be decorated with streamers and tinsel, there will be nightly traditional dances and the smell grilled sardines will come from temporary BBQs.

Estoril is not a winter sun destination as the weather could be poor, with an equal number of wet days and bright sunny days. Estoril is a major town therefore the hotels, cafes and restaurants do not shut down for winter.. For a full guide and more weather charts for Estoril please click here.

Travel from Lisbon to Estoril

Estoril is connected to Lisbon by a regular and inexpensive railway. The train departs from the Cais do Sodre train station (green metro line) and the journey takes 30-40 minutes. A return ticket costs €4.30 and for a full guide to the Lisbon-Estoril train service please click here.

Lisbon to Estoril train

The train from Lisbon to Estoril

Travel from Lisbon airport to Estoril using public transport requires both the metro and the train. The total time takes around 1h30min but costs less than €7 per person. A pre-booked transfer costs around €40 and will cost significantly more if hiring a taxi from the arrivals lounge at the airport. For a guide for traveling from the airport to Estoril using public transport l please click here.

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